1. Run the following Sun StorEdge RAID Manager (RM6) CLI Command


c2t4d0 1T93803809 LUNS: 0 1

Battery age, use the device name listed in lad Command

/usr/lib/osa/bin/raidutil -c c2t4d0 -B

LUNs found on c2t0d0


LUN 1 RAID 5 1000MB

Battery age is between 6270 days and 2380 days.

raidutil succeeded!

! NOTE : A1000 battery is not hot swappable.

Write cache disabling :

/usr/lib/osa/bin/raidutil -c c2t4d0 -w off 0,1

Stop the host machine that is connected to the Sun StorEdge A1000 array

init 0

NOTE : Wait approximately two minutes .. cache are flushed to the disks.

Boot the host machine, without the -r option

After the battery replacement, run the following RM6 command to reset the battery age

/usr/lib/osa/bin/raidutil -c c2t4d0 -R